Видео: Diplexer Tuning with RNVNA Software

Duplexer Tuning with FREEDOM R8100

Learn how to use the Tracking Generator functionality of the Freedom R8100 to tune a duplexer.

Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer - Tuning Cavity Duplexers

WARNING! Do not transmit into your RTL-SDR, the signal levels are too high, and will damage the RTL SDR, and possibly the ...

#95: Three Methods to Measure Impedance with the NanoVNA

Are you aware that there is more than one method to measure impedance with a VNA? You might find this video interesting.

NanoVNA 146.8 MHz Filter Adjust & Response Rate

Testing NanoVNA on 146.8 MHz 2 pole helical filter, Start 140 MHz Stop 160 MHz 101 data points. For some reason I was not ...

Заміряю АЧХ дуплексного фільтра ретранслятора RTL SDR

Измерение АЧХ дуплексера для репитера с RTL SDR spectrum analyzer NOISE generator.

Duplexer tuning, old school Part 4

You may not have a sweep generator or a tracking generator but this method will yield surprisingly good results when tuning a ...

2016 Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNA software overview

In this 30 minute video, we provide an introduction to the CMT VNA Windows app including menu layout, measuremnet ...


This is a more advanced example using EQR_OPT_CST_DS. We are designing a combline diplexer starting from doubly ...

Vector Network Analyzer Measurement of S-Parameters in a Pulsed RF System

Copper Mountain Technologies' Senior Design Engineer Brian Walker demonstrates how to make Pulsed S-parameter ...

Sinad a Codan radio with a R8000 service monitor

Sinad a Codan radio with a r8000 service monitor.

Hambuilder HBR602 - Antenna change during QSO - Huge improvement!

Hambuilder HBR602 - Antenna change during QSO - Huge improvement! I switched from my Bazooka to my tri-band fan dipole ...

xaVNA a full featured, low cost two port VNA ,1

xaVNA a full featured, low cost two port VNA ,1.

NIC Corporate Overview

Networks International Corporation (NIC) is a leading manufacturer of custom RF & Microwave Filters and Assemblies.

Tyt-2017 digital DMR tx transmission kc901s

Tyt-2017 digital dmr tx transmission rf spektar kc901s.

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